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Restland Cemetery

Purchase of Lots

Restland CemeteryTo purchase a burial space the prospective buyer should contact the City Clerk for available space in the area thebuyer wants. When a lot is fully paid for, the City Clerkwill issue a deed to the buyer. The price of a lot includes perpetual care, but does not include memorial maintenance or the cost of the grave opening at the time of burial. A lot or lots may be sold by the owner by having the clerk issue a replacement deed.


All interments shall be made in a permanent type container. Four in-ground cremain burial urns can be placed on one empty burial space. Tiering will be permitted. All grave openings shall be made under the direction of the sexton. Persons ordering grave openings will be held responsible for payment of the grave opening. Cemetery prohibits spreading ashes above the ground.


Foundations in Restland Cemetery:

  • No foundation or digging before first consulting the sexton.
  • All foundations must be concrete.
  • Foundation must have no less than 5" extension on each end and no less than 4" extension on front and back.
  • Foundations must be at least 42" deep.
  • Depth of foundation applies to overall size.
  • All memorials, other than foot markers, must be placed at head of grave.
  • All foot markers must be ground level.
  • All repairs to memorials must be made by professionals.

All setting of monuments and markers and the transportation of all tools, materials, etc. within the cemetery grounds shall be subject to the supervision and control of the sexton. Monuments and markers will not be permitted on a lot until the lot is fully paid for. The Restland Cemetery Committee reserves the right to refuse permission to erect any memorials not in keeping with the good appearance of the cemetery grounds.

Trees, Shrubs and Flowers

All landscaping, including the planting of trees and shrubs, will be done by the Cemetery Committee, unless written permission has been given to the lot owner.

Gravesite Decorating

Unless placed on the monument or monument base, all grave site decorations must be removed by April 1st & June 15th for ground keeping purposes.


Feel free to consult the City Clerk about possible areas that are vacant. The City Clerk is available during regular business hours at City Hall. The telephone number is: 641-227-3120.


The following fees are effective as of August 1, 2021and may be subject to change without notice to conform with current economic conditions.

One Burial Lot (consisting of four burial sites)

  • Resident $1,600
  • Non-Resident $5,000

Half Burial Lot (consisting of two burial sites)

  • Resident $800
  • Non-Resident $2,500

Single Burial Site

  • Resident $400
  • Non-Resident $1,250

A resident is defined as a person living within the Baxter Community School District or a person who has resided within the Baxter Community School District for a five-year period. Proof of five-year residency will be required at the time of purchase.

Rules for Visitors

Visitors are required to use the walks and drives and are forbidden to trespass on cemetery lots, or pick any flowers (wild or cultivated) or injure any shrub, tree or plant, or mar or deface any monument, stone or structure in the Cemetery. Firearms will be allowed at the Cemetery only at military funerals. Vehicles traveling within the Cemetery shall proceed at a speed not to exceed 15 miles per hour.