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Baxter Police Department

The mission of the Baxter Police Department is to work with the community through partnerships to enhance the quality of life in our city and in accordance with constitutional rights to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment to live and raise families. 


Core Values

In partnership with the community, we pledge to: 

  • Practice relational policing rather than law enforcement as a core value. 
  • Protect the lives and property of our fellow citizens and impartially enforce the law. 
  • Fight crime both by preventing it and by aggressively pursuing violators of the law. 
  • Maintain a higher standard of integrity than is generally expected of others because so much is expected of us. 
  • Value human life, respect the dignity of each individual and render our services with courtesy and civility. 


Community Policing Philosophy 

Community Policing is a philosophy, management style and organizational strategy that permeates the organizational culture to promote proactive problem-solving and police community partnerships to address the cause of crime and fears as well as other community issues affecting the quality of life in the community. Relational policing is at it's foundation and the core value of the Baxter Police Department. 


City of Baxter Law Enforcement - Jasper County Sheriff


For emergency call 911
Sheriff's Dispatch: 641-792-5912

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