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Job Opening - City Clerk

Job Ad –CIty Clerk

City of Baxter


The City of Baxter is a flourishing community that believes in being progressive, continually investing in the city/community and building a team, both paid and volunteer, around that vision; each member of the team is equally important and brings something to the organization. Title, rank and length of employment aren’t key.  Passion, attitude, work ethic and intelligence are the attributes we value, and it shows through our team.  

Our belief is that even though we are a small community, size doesn’t stop us from striving to be the best. Baxter is a thriving community with over seventy businesses and is conveniently located near Des Moines, Ames, and Marshalltown.  Our independent K-12 school system is outstanding with teachers who care about each and every child. Along with an outstanding school, we have an accredited Growing Greatness Early Learning Center (GGLC) that provides care for ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age.  Lastly there are options for indoor and outdoor fitness, from the community wellness workout center to being located at the head of the Chichaqua Valley Bike Trail. 

This is a salaried position and it is expected the City Clerk will work between 45-50 hours per week.  Schedules may vary to include attending city council meetings and/or covering for other team members PTO.  There is a monthly scheduled city council meeting that this position is required to attend. Additional meetings may arise and attendance to those meetings is also required.



Are you a passionate and relentless leader in your field of work? Do you enjoy variety in your day, where you can solve challenges using your skills? Do you enjoy being the expert in your field and know the details matter?  Does the idea of working at a fast pace alongside the most dedicated and knowledgeable teammates energize you? Do you want the ability to grow and shape your department, leading them to excellence?

The City of Baxter is seeking a focused leader at the top of their game to join the team and lead one of our core business units, City Administration, to the next level. We are looking for an individual that lives to solve issues, remove roadblocks, and drive efficiency through analysis and partnership with other business units, without being afraid of getting dirty. The person we seek is an executor, energized by the variety of activities to utilize their skills while bringing expertise to the situation by developing and executing detailed plans and willing to go the extra mile to ensure it is correct.  This person also ensures what is being done/planned is proactively communicated to prevent unforeseen roadblocks.  A year from now, you will look back and see you were a key contributor in the success of bringing greater process, visibility and clarity to the City of Baxter.




Success Factor Snapshot - 

Defining what success “looks like”  in the role of the Baxter City Clerk

  • Within 30 Days
    • Understand City of Baxter structure, identify each team member & articulate each roles’ responsibilities
    • Understand the workings of the city council and the role of mayor and city council member
    • Understand and able to verbally articulate how the Banyon software systems functions
    • Complete job shadow with neighboring city clerk, with the ability to verbally detail their daily responsibilities along  with notes on areas you wish to learn more information.
    • Complete training - Municipal Professional Academy - chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/ (June 19th thru 21 - Ames)
  • Within 90 Days 
    • Ability to complete the following activities without assistance:
      • Council agenda, packet and minutes
      • Daily Accounting activities (bank deposits, utility billing, accounts payable and accounts receivable)
      • Month end activities (bank rec, cash flow statement, state reporting, income statement, balance sheet)
      • Permitting - fence, golf carts, etc.
    • Ability to have all emails and phone calls returned by 4pm daily, 90% of the time
  • Within 120 Days –
    • Plan and lead (with assistance) a strategy session to plan for fiscal year 2025/2026.  This will include discussion to create a list of priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.
    • Complete write up of the outcome/next steps of the event including a list of the prioritized schedule with estimated costs and present to council by the December 2024 city council meeting 
  • Within 6 Months – 
    • Budget created (with assistance) for fiscal year 25/26 and present to the City Council at the January 2025 meeting
    • Assist in implementing new technology regarding software system Banyon (i.e. Utility billing, accounts payable workflow, etc) 
    • Attend and complete the Iowa League of Cities “City Clerk Study Hall”
      • September 11th, and December 11th, 2024
    • Attend the League of Cities Annual Conference in Sioux City
      • Wed. Sept. 18th thru Friday Sept. 20th, 2024
  • Within 1 Year – 
    • Budget amends completed (with assistance) and process documented
    • Create and implement an administrative scorecard, which will be updated monthly and presented at the monthly city council meeting. Scorecard to include health of the city (accounting metrics), health of the day to day activities (i.e. Bills past due, etc)

Benefits Offered:

The City of Baxter is pleased to provide the following benefits to our employees:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Pay Scale Based Licenses / Certifications Possesses or Obtained
  • Education Funding for Required Licenses / Certifications
  • HeathCare Insurance
  • Short Term Disability - Provided by employer for all regular full-time employees.
  • Life Insurance - $50,000 term life policy provided for all regular full-time employees.
  • IPERS Retirement Plan
  • PTO - 7 Paid holidays and 2 personal days.
  • Vacation - Year 1 (40 hours), Year 2 (80 hours), Year 5 (120 hours), 10 or more years (160 hours).
  • Take Home Vehicle if living within City Limits (Upon approval of council after hire)


  • Candidate does not need to reside in the city of Baxter
  • Potential relocation fees available to move to Baxter

To apply, visit or submit your resume to


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